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small live music clubs and venues
are losing an entire generation…


music fans,
spoiled by vast digital choice,
want to see their favorites live...


clubs need a full house and
can’t risk empty seats
(and unsold drinks)
with unproven artists, so…

the same local and cover bands play
the same clubs to
the same fans
over and over and over…


nothing changes, nothing grows…



A game-changing booking and ticketing system (and more).  Fan commitments let Artists offer Venues a low-risk path to book and run events with assured and motivated Fan attendance...
no empty seats; no empty glasses.



"We get thousands of submissions every month - and we just can't book some of the best music I've heard - until GiGStartr.  We look forward to discovering new talent that can fill the club - and becoming home to the next generation of musicians."  

 - Justin Randi, The Baked Potato, North Hollywood, CA


"We are a new restaurant and cocktail bar. We weren't planning on being a music venue, but GiGStartr gives us the tools to safely offer our "dark" nights to various acts while ensuring the events will support our costs. A great way for us to expand without blindly guessing which acts will be profitable."

 - Walker Abell, The Burbank Pub , Burbank, CA 


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Groundbreaking stealth startup with a mission to revitalize live, local music venues for fans, bands and club owners.

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